Welcome to the Avenue

the avenuePersonal finance affects everyone of us each and every day.  Money in some way actuall affects almost every aspect of our lives.  So why are we so averse to talking about money with friends and family?  Why do we avoid learning from each other and the experiences we have? The answer is that people don’t like being told they are doing the wrong thing with their money.

Why I Started The Avenue

I started this site to help peopl start having conversations about money. Whehter that is budgetting, insurance, or investing I want to see more and more people actually talk about money.

How You Can Help

The best thing you can do to make this a great site is to participate.  Leave comments, subscribe to the email update, contact me from time to time with questions.  I love touching base with people and being able to help others get the most out of their personal financial situation.

The Blog

Since I want people to interact on the site I started a blog.  I will bring up topcis and videos from time to time which will help others to take advantage of my knowledge and the knowledge of others.  What I want from you is to comment on these blog posts and tho spur on deeper and more fruitful conversations.  If you turn out to be a troll or a spammer then I will block and you send you to the status of “Shunned Forever”.  If you have problems following the link above you can use this link to go to my Personal Finance Blog.

The Community

I am still in the process of getting everything set up but we will soon have a facebook page and I will have a separate twitter account just so I can interact with you.  Like I said I am all about conversation when it comes to personal finance.  This way you can reach me and others in the community for real one on one interaction or in a large group setting.  Together we will win with money!